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Drizzy Drake and the boss Rick Ross are working on a new collaborative mixtape tentatively entitled Y.O.L.O.

Going off “The Motto” he boasted about with Lil Wayne, Y.O.L.O., which stands for “You Only Live Once” will be the theme of his new mixtape with Ricky Rozay. 

DETAILS: Drake Responds To “Take Care” Album Leak

In a recent interview with XXL, Drake revealed that he’s currently putting his collaborative album with Lil Wayne on the backburner while he begins a new project with Rozay. 

XXL Reports

Drake revealed to XXL that the much talked about joint album with Lil Wayne is on the back burner, possibly for good, but he and Rick Ross have been exchanging ideas for a duet mixtape.

“I have been working on a mixtape with Ross,” Drake said. “A mixtape called Y.O.L.O. [That means] ‘You Only Live Once’. I’ve been working on that for the last couple of weeks. We haven’t really connected because he’s been going through this thing with his health. I’ve been stashing my little beats and verses.”

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Drake is definitely making headlines this week, his forthcoming album Take Care was leaked late last night. 

The album was set to his store shelves November 15, but after two tracks with The Weeknd and Rihanna were leaked, Drake’s whole album appeared online. 

Drake’s apparently not sweating his album floating around, he simply tweeted “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and take care until next time.”

If you’d like a hard copy of Drake’s album you’ll have to wait until November 15 when it’s officially released. 

Wonder why Drake’s postponing his album with Lil Wayne for a mixtape with Rick Ross?

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