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Steven Yuen, the amazing actor who plays Glenn on AMC’s hit TV show The Walking Deadis one of the fastest growing badass zombie killing actors in the industry.

LIST: The Walking Dead Season Two Opens To Zombie Delight

On the new season of The Walking Dead, Steven’s character Glenn is faced with many dilemmas. From being lowered down into a well with an oversized zombie waiting to eat him alive to helping the survivors look for a lost child and even getting a pregnancy test for one of the women, it’s safe to say that Steven is playing the role of a lifetime. 

We caught up with Steven to discuss his break out character on one of the biggest TV shows on the air right now.

Check out the interview below! 

On The Walking Dead they never say the word zombies. What is the reason behind that?

I think it’s because the powers that be wanted to create a world where it wasn’t from our world, it’s a completely different universe. There’s always that question: “Don’t they have zombie shows in their world, shouldn’t they know what these are?’ But in the world of The Walking Dead there haven’t been zombie shows. They call them what they call them which is ‘walkers.’ They never refer to them as zombies because that word doesn’t exist to them in their world.

During the first season you cover yourself in zombie guts, how was that scene? 

We were in trench coats, it was a hundred percent humidity! We were in rubber raincoats and I remember they just covered us in blood and this latex crap and rubber intestines that they made. The gnarliest part was that we’re walking down the street and there are a hundred extras following you. The sun was beaming down on us. We would take off our gloves after every take and buckets of sweat would pour out of them. It was my welcome to Hollywood moment. It was amazing.


Can you tell us some back story about your character?

Glenn was a delivery guy before all this happened. I think he’s the one who puts himself out there. He’s the one willing to do the nitty gritty stuff. Maybe put his life at risk. And that comes from him wanting to make his mark on the world. A clean slate, a crappy clean slate, but now that he lives in that world he wants to be a hero and he looks to people to guide him .What’s gonna be cool this season is the different dynamic, which may change his views on always doing the right thing or always being reckless, because there might be a lady interest and you reassess once you find someone to love.

There’s one scene in last season that you’re speeding down the highway in that car. How fun was it to just floor it?

I don’t wanna ruin the scene but I didn’t get to floor it. It’s lame but I didn’t get to floor it. They didn’t want me to die in a fiery car crash. But I did get to drive that car and it was awesome for the 25 miles that I was going. It looks like it’s going pretty fast but that was them going back and forth with the stunt guy. And it was pretty racist cause I couldn’t drive the car…it doesn’t make sense with that. They have this stereotype: ‘Asians can’t drive’ and the other stereotype that ‘Asians can drive amazingly well and slide their cars around.’ So what the hell? It’s messed up.

We want to hook you up with a video vixen, are you down?

I love women and I’m sure a video vixen would be amazing… she would just destroy me. 

What’s your big moment this season?

Obviously I can’t tell you! But I can say…everyone is going to evolve, everyone’s going to change and everyone’s going to reassess everything that they knew previously, which will come up this season.

What do you listen to? What’s on your iPod?

What’s on my iPod? I just downloaded Mayer Hawthorne. I’m from Detroit, he does Mo-town…he’s pretty great. I have Watch the Throne, which was great. Kanye is great but I skipped My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and I don’t know why. Then went back to it and that album is AWESOME! I listen to everything from Mumford and Sons to Biggie, I just have a bunch of stuff!

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