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Forget about playing Russian roulette on eBay with old Polaroid film from the ’70s.

Forget, too, about ordering far-from-perfect “Polaroid” film from Dutch outfit The Impossible Project, who are trying to rekindle instant film.

Because Polaroid is back, baby, to its old tricks.

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At the CES conference on Tuesday, the legendary film and camera manufacturer unveiled its new product, a digital camera that prints photos on the spot.

Set at a pricey $299, the 14megapixel camera uses a printing system called Z Ink, which cost $20 and affords 30 images. Here’s the camera’s description, found on Polaroid’s website:

The Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera is the instant upgrade for sharing your instant moments. The 14 MP digital camera and 2.7” bright color LCD screen means your pictures are always true-to-life. And the Z340 lets you instantly print 3”x 4” full color images in under 60 seconds with Zero Ink®. Not only will you capture the moment, you’ll instantly hold it.

Here’s some info on the camera via Twice.

Photos shot with the camera are first stored and digital JPEG files on SD memory cards, like most digital cameras. The user can decide whether or not to make a print on the spot to hand out to friends.

An LCD screen is added to the back of the camera to preview images and perform quick and easy image fixes including red-eye elimination, cropping or adding image borders.

The camera includes manual ISO and white-balance settings for trickier shots, in addition to an Auto function for photographers who would rather not think about adjusting the camera for the ideal composition.

The Z340 features 30 different scene modes, including Portrait, Sunset and Backlight, among others.

The camera uses a fixed focus lens. 

We can’t wait to get our hands on this camera to see if it lives up to its apparent hype!

SOURCE: Polaroid + Twice