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One thing that we love about Carrie Keagan is how sexy she is. But, not just that, we love how she owns her sexiness.

One look at her and it’s obvious she’s got some serious curves, and, luckily for us, she’s not afraid to talk about them.

We chopped it up with Carrie and discussed what it’s like being so well endowed and also, what it’s like when other people take notice.

Check out our exclusive below.

You’re not afraid to use your sexuality. A lot of celebrities who are really sexy don’t want to talk about being sexy but you flaunt it. Was there a decision process involved with this?

I think the fact that I got boobs when I was 13, you’re either going to battle them your whole life or you’re going to learn to make friends with them. So I decided to make friends with them.

I just think they’re funny. My body is my body and I’m stuck with it and it’s going to either work for me or it’s not. When people meet me the first thing they say is either that I laugh a lot or that I have gigantic boobs. It’s better to just put all that out in the open. Hey guess what, I am aware of the fact that I have gigantic boobs, now we can move on to other things!

It’s calling out the elephant in the room. I’m not afraid of my body. It never was something that I was insecure about, I guess growing up it was weird being the first girl to have boobs but it was never something that I was insecure about. Like I said, you either fight it or you live with it and I’ve chosen to celebrate it instead.

We’re glad you decided to celebrate your boobs, all women should!

I like boobs, I like other women’s boobs as well. I think they are cool. Some women they complain: ‘I wish my boobs were bigger,’ but I think small boobs are just as sexy as big boobs, it just depends on how you work it.

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