After Chris Brown completed one of the most important interviews of his career I thought people would hit twitter to comment on their feelings about his side of the story . Although Chris Brown is the topic of discussion, it’s his ‘BOW TIE‘ that has become the #1 trending Topic on Twitter. I have been so entertained by how far people will take things on Twitter that I had to share this with my Global Grind Fam!..Take a look.

Check out a few Twitter comments below….

cjbeatz #Chrisbrownsbowtie is no. 1 on the trending topics LOL …does that mean bow ties are in or out?

croc4307 #chrisbrownsbowtie he borrowed it from Louis Farrakhan.

DJ_Kingpin #chrisbrownsbowtie got maaaad followers yo. @mybluebowtie

pricelessrosie #chrisbrownsbowtie makes u wanna give him some highwaters and some suspenders.. lmfaooooo

Lindsay_faith Wow! #chrisbrownsbowtie makes him look like something out of Willie Wonka!

Then took it one step further..

Rumors about the tie’s relationship with Chris ran rampant on Twitter with speculation about the it’s personality and exploits dominating the micro-blogging site. StreetLevel has obtained the transcript of a pre-show interview between with the enigmatic bow tie conducted by none other than Larry King’s suspenders. Check out this exclusive Q&A session where the two talk Brown, Rihanna, religion and the victimization of accessories.

Larry King’s Suspenders: Thank you for being here. I know this cannot be easy.

Chris Brown’s Bow Tie: No doubt. I can’t say that I am not in knots about doing this interview but Chris said he knew how Larry felt about accessories so here I am.

Larry King’s Suspenders: I think the first question on people’s minds will be ‘Why?’ As in, ‘Why the hell is Chris Brown wearing a cornflower blue bow tie in this interview?’

CB’s Bow Tie: I can

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