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Greetings Grinders,

For the last week, the world has anxiously awaited for the numbers that would measure if Young Money/Universal artist Drake was able to live up to all the hype.  Well, the results are in: Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later” sold 462,989 copies in its first week.  Even though the album had been leaked a few weeks before its official release date, his fans still supported him and his work.  If you’re following me on Twitter, you saw me give Drake a big #shoutout last week:

SarahViVan #DrizzyDrakeDay!! On my way to go get my copy… Thank Me Later!!!

11:22 AM Jun 15th via UberTwitter

I spent the better half of the day encouraging my tweethearts to go buy his album.  Apparently, however, my enthusiasm offended someone, and I was told I needed to “stay in my lane.”  Of course, some could say I’m bias, but whether that is the case or not, Drizzy’s affiliation with Young Money has little to do with my appreciation of his artistry.  To put it simply, I’m a fan of Drake.  I believe in his music, or should I say art.  Music is said to be the voice of our souls.  Art is the canvas for our lives.  Well, I hope I’m in my lane when I say, “Thank Me Later” cleverly showcases both of these elements.

I recently heard someone wise tell Drake, “You don’t have just one lane that you have to stay in… You’re the whole f*cking highway!”  Drake is so diverse in his music the audience never knows what he’s going to do next, but that’s okay because he’s not being confined by a certain lane he must stick with.  People, like Drake, who are brave enough to walk their own path and not worry about what fixed lanes have come before them, are inspirational to me.  He doesn’t rap or sing about anything outside of himself, and he’s not afraid to keep his lyrics real and personal, putting his life out there for possible scrutiny.


You almost live his fast rise to fame with him while listening to the album.  The feelings that he tries to express on it are relatable to both men and women.  Stepping outside of what we expect to hear on the traditional rap albums, he used laid back R&B tracks and smooth melodies.  This album is about love: Love for the music, love for the game, and love for the women.  In his thank you letter, Drake even takes the time out to thank “the women that have inspired the words and emotions in my music….. I believe that because of you I know how it feels to be loved and you have given me qualities to search for in the future.” 

For someone who has accomplished so much in such a short career, such as countless features, collaborations with Timberland, and even writing the hit “Unthinkable” for Alicia Keys, one would think Drake had already proven himself.  But if there was any doubt left, he shut the haters up with this line from track 5 on the album, “You may think I’m over-rated, or created, or too jaded, because anyway you put it… B*tch I made it!”  And now with this weeks release of Eminem’s “Recovery,” Drake has to prove once again that he can rock with the big dogs in the game.  Critics are already saying that Eminem’s album will do higher numbers than Drake’s.  Time will reveal the truth and meanwhile, if you haven’t listened to Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later&rd

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