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French collective the Cool Cats, comprised of musician Pedro “Busy-P” Winter, artist So-Me and lifestyle curator Michael LaMJC will be releasing a capsule collection of a variety of things with Lacoste LIVE!.  

The Cool Cats have worked with Eastpak, Nike and Sebago,  amongst other brands, so it was only right that they work with a brand from France.

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The entire capsule collection, which spans over nine styles, including t-shirts, polos, knitwear, shirts, jackets, a sneaker and a bag are all double branded with the Cool Cats and Lacoste logo. Each item is cool in it’s own way, whether it’s because of the fun lining or the fact that the Lacoste patch appears to be getting eaten by the Cool Cats logo.

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The stand out pieces from the collection include the duffel bag, shoes and the jacket. All the black colorways of the styles in the collection will be exclusive to the Cool Cats online store and limited to 150 pieces each. A pre-order of the collection will be offered by Cool Cats next week, with a global release to follow the first week of December.

You can take a look at the collection in the accompanying gallery.

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