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If you can’t respect Chris Brown as a man, then you have to respect him as an artist. 

Chris Brown is an amazing musician, dancer and artist, and despite his obvious character flaws, critics should respect that he’s a talented individual who struggles with the perils of everyday life just like everyone else. 

VIDEO: Chris Brown Snatches His Respect “All Back” At The 2011 AMAs

Ever since that infamous night of domestic violence with his now ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown has been torn down, beat up, verbally attacked, hated, cursed and crucified. 

Chris f*cked up royally and he has to live with those consequences, but that’s between him and his maker. 

I’m no celebrity, but it has to be extremely overwhelming to have people telling you to “die” 100 times a day or to have people wish awful things upon you countless times a week.

Enough is enough! 

Celebrities aren’t bulletproof nor are they empty. They are human beings with feelings and souls, who hurt and mourn like the rest of us. So why go out of your way to make his life absolutely miserable? 

If Rihanna can find it in her heart to forgive Chris and move on, so should his haters and critics. 

I’m pretty sure if Chris Brown could do it all over again, he’d take back that night, but what’s done is done.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Airs It All Out On Twitter!

You DON’T have to like him, you DON’T have to forgive him, you DON’T have to support his career, but what you HAVE to do is let that man live his life. 

Stop harassing him on Twitter or badgering him on the blogs. At the end of the day it’s pointless negativity that shouldn’t even be cast into the universe.

There’s more important things to do in life than to tweet @ChrisBrown all day to tell him how he should die and how he’s an abomination to all mankind.

This doesn’t just go for Chris. It goes for all celebrities who are constantly badgered and attacked via Twitter.  

Chris Brown took to Twitter to express himself: 

“I dont say shit to anybody and everyone feels its cool to attack me. GROWN ADULTS!!!! that shit happened three years ago! TWITTER GETS WACK REAL FAST! I LOVE ALL THE POEPLE WHO SUPPORT MY MUSIC!

I never said I was a LEGEND! People please grow up. Ive never dealt with so much negativity in my life! its to the point now that its just ridiculous!
I wake up thinking of living my life….. YOU wake up thinking of me! NOW I REALLY CANT WAIT FOR THE AMA’s! u dont have to respect me now… but u will.”

A wise man once said, “Self respect isn’t ignoring your flaws: it’s embracing them,” and Chris Brown has been admitting his faults and acknowledging his character flaws over the years, but still to no avail he’s continuously crucified. 

We as a society should never go out of our way to make any human being’s life a living hell.

If you don’t like Chris Brown don’t acknowledge his existence.

It’s that easy. 

At the end of the day, Chris is not living life for his haters, nor is he living his life for those who judge him. He lives his life for his fans, family, and most importantly, for himself. 

I just want Chris to know one thing, it’s better to live for yourself and have no public, than to live for the public and have no self.

Keep your head up and the critics at bay, the hate will cease to exist one day. 

~Brittany Lewis

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