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Set tripping! Salma Hayek took a tumble while leaving The Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris yesterday.

PHOTOS: Salma Hayek Crashes To The Ground In Paris

Not paying attention to the step outside the door, the 45-year-old Puss In Boots actress nearly brought her 4-year-old daughter down to the ground as she fell.

DETAILS: Salma Hayek Doesn’t Know How Old She Is

Salma, along with her co-star Antonio Banderas, were headed to a promo stop for their movie Puss In Boots before the fall almost derailed the Mexican-born actress. Salma teetered in tall platform heels and a conservative skirt, which didn’t help her mobility.

Luckily, Salma wasn’t badly injured, but she did need some help getting up from her co-star Antonio, who once again saved the day!

Check out the pictures from Salma Hayek’s brief trip in Paris.