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After our boy JoJo Simmons was thrown into a little bit of controversy last week, it looks like he’s taking the high road and handling it with ease.

Certain media outlets reported that JoJo had gotten involved with a transsexual while down in Miami earlier this month and also hinted at the fact that he may be gay himself. JoJo quickly took to his twitter page to deny the false accusations.

JoJo stated that he did in fact speak with the party who was calling him out, but he wasn’t initially aware that the accuser was in fact formerly a man. Once he was aware, JoJo quickly took his interests elsewhere.

While defending himself on twitter, JoJo let a few anti-gay slurs slip and although he did state that he has no problems with anyone who may be gay, he still had a little slippage.

After realizing what he said, JoJo took to his twitter page yesterday to apologize for his words. He tweeted:

Shout to JoJo for clearing the air and much respect for apologizing to the LGBT community.

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