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Lauren London is NOT pregnant. Lipstick Alley is reporting that “a real reliable source” has stated that Lauren London is currently pregnant, The Dream. 

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While they are reporting that Lauren London is now pregnant by Terius Nash aka The-Dream, who also has a baby by Nivea, who also has a baby by Lil Wayne, who also is the father of Lauren London’s baby. 

Now the rumor started from a fake news source who calls themselves NOT Fox Breaking News. The twitter account @FoxBreakiing tweeted:

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So we are reporting that this is totally false. It’s not true and it’s complete bull crap! We’ll admit it’s easy to get fooled by fake rumors, especially one like this which is gossip gold, but people need to remember that our Hip Pop friends are real people and starting fake rumors is wiggedy wiggedy wack!

Lauren London, don’t let the rumors get to you. 


Lauren London personally responded to the pregnancy rumors this morning, tweeting: