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Looks like evolution works a bit different in the cartoon world.  

A Walt Disney animation that outdates Mickey Mouse was found in a vault at the British Film Archive this weekend. The film, made in 1928 (pre World War II), was one of 26 episodes featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who would evolve to become the famous Mickey Mouse.

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The five minute black and white silent film marked a significant time for Walt Disney, as this was the last character he would draw for Universal Pictures before taking the concept of Oswald and turning him into the Mickey Mouse that we know today.

The importance of film was discovered when a curious worker at the film archive Googled the title of the lost animation. The owner predicts that his father purchased the animation when he started the company and it had been sitting on the shelves since then.

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Mickey Mouse’s predecessor is expected to fetch on the upwards of $35,000 when it goes to auction on December 14th.

The founders dare only play the video once in fear of damaging the already fragile film, and took photos of the screen using digital cameras.

Check out an earlier video of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and take note of his likeliness to Mr. Mouse. Walt Disney was not letting his intellectual property hang around Universal after his departure.