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After several starts and stops and a bad phone connection, GlobalGrind finally shot the breeze with Ricky of Dee And Ricky!

Ricky is one half of the wonder design twins from Staten Island, NY, famous for adding an extra layer of life to LEGOS and men’s accessories. 

STORY: Dee & Ricky Launch Secong G Shock Watch!

Dee & Ricky launched their latest masterpiece, a new colorway of their G Shock Watch, earlier this week in a vault in Lower Manhattan and are presently in Miami for the 10th Annual Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, where they will present their newly designed brooches with Vogue!

Check out our exclusive below!

GlobalGrind: We were talking about you and Dee designing your G Shock watch. What was that experience like?

Ricky: It was fun to tell you the truth! All you want to really do is have fun. We wanted do some different colors with the watch, do something people could relate to.

You’re headed to Japan to promote it there, too.

Yeah, we’re heading out there next week for about three nights! We have a large fan base out there. We’re headed to Art Basel in a few hours. We’re going to be doing some stuff with Vogue and hosting some stuff at Hole Gallery.

What did you do with Vogue?

We made some custom brooches for them. We’ve never been to Basel before, so we’re looking forward to it. I know a lot of people down there so it’s gonna be crazy!


We met you guys about four years ago at a dinner at Kehinde Wiley’s place in Brooklyn. This was before you hooked up with Marc Jacobs. Are you surprised by how far you’ve come in the design world?

We were wearing the LEGO belts! I’m a little surprised but not really. I guess it hasn’t really hit me yet because it’s just something I do; I’m just having fun, just playing my position.

Everybody used to say we wouldn’t do sh*t, we just started something and did our own thing. A lot of people are scared to do their own thing or to be themselves or whatever.

You and your brother worked with many people and brands: Marc Jacobs, G-Shock, Vogue. Who are you looking forward to working with next?

I think Martha Stewart!

What would you do with Martha Stewart?

I don’t know, some crazy DIY stuff, something crazy.

When you were coming up in Staten Island, what did you think about doing? You guys seem to have been intrigued by LEGO.

We weren’t really intrigued, it was just something that was fun. I was going to a diverse school with Guidos, white boys and Albanians. I was cool with everybody, but I still got into my own beef. I was really into doing my own thing.

We heard that one of you made your high school gym teachers cry!

It was probably Dee! It sure wasn’t me, I don’t even know! Where’d you hear that from?

We’re not going to reveal our sources!

That was probably Dee! That was a long time ago, back in Intermediate School or something.


Is Dee the mean twin?

We get our days when people look at us differently. I don’t care, I’ll play the bad twin role! I don’t really give a f**k!

In addition to doing fashion, you opened up a restaurant in the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn.

Yeah, we serve Southern and Caribbean food. It’s all mixed up! It’s just our way to have fun with food.

You guys have a Caribbean background?

Yeah, we have family from St. Thomas. We went down there a few years ago but not recently.

See pictures of Dee & Ricky’s G-Shock launch in the gallery above!

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