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Red Cafe is one of a few New York rappers holding it down for the North.

With his club banger “Fly Together” taking over the airwaves, GlobalGrind caught up with Red Cafe to chit-chat with him about his new album and of course, what it means to be signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy label. 

Find out what Red Cafe has to say to the critics in the exclusive interview below!

How’s the Bad Boy family and how’s Diddy?

Working with Puff … he watches over everyone. He’s a part of the project from start to finish. He’s very hands on. Even when I’m in the studio alone, he checks on me and sees if things are done right and the way he wants it to go. This is Bad Boy’s legacy. This is his legacy.

He challenges me all the time. He’d say, ‘Are we ready to go out there and fight that championship fight?’ Even if I think ‘I’m the hottest ni**a in the hood,’ he might make me listen to the record again. I like being in the family. He’s very inspiring. He came from being an intern to where he’s at now. He works like he doesn’t have anything. We talk on the phone all the time.

What do you say about people who told you not to sign to Diddy?

First you have to see where that stems from. A lot of the bad talk about Puff mainly come from artists that had success with Puff, get platinum albums with Puff, who just never got the position themselves to take control of their lives and careers. They just wanted their hands to be held for the rest of their lives. The things they say are not valid to me. Puff made all of his artists go platinum or gold. He set a platform for you to go and do your own thing. That doesn’t apply to me because I was already an artist on my own touring the world, just creating revenue for Red Café on my own.

I didn’t get with Puff and start living his lifestyle. Red Café’s bank account is different from Puff’s. The things that I can do are different from what he can do. I had the luxury of going through the trials that I’ve been through and I was able to learn and be prepared for this new situation. I know what I need to do and I’m prepared for this.