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Art’s largest shopping mall came to a close two days ago when the 2011 Art Basel Miami Beach Festival came to a halt with a bang and a whimper. 

STORY: Diddy Launches Culo By Mazzucco In Miami

The bang was from champagne corks poppin’, the whimper came from established artists who didn’t sell a thing.

Hip-hop, graffiti and street art had a presence at this year’s installment which saw the likes of NYC based artist Cope2 teaming up with Buff, a wall or two from painters Alice Mizrachi and Too Fly; and word installations from clever antagonist Barbara Kruger, who looked towards the Occupy Movement.

Don’t let Kruger’s pieces fool you with their titles (Bleed US Dry, Money Makes Money, Plenty Should Be Enough) and their Hersey’s Chocolate Bar Font: she’s part of the 1 percent. She’s a millionaire and her pieces makes money for Mary Boone, her gallerist.

Jenny Holzer took a giant leap from billboards and marquees and onto LEDs with her Truisms which are still true, while Naomi Campbell and her billionaire boyfriend shopped for a lil something, something to spice up a bathroom on one of his yachts.

Diddy took some asses to Basel with his Culo by Mazzucco project and Pharrell looked like a lost little German soldier.

They’re all in the gallery above!

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