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The adorable kid in front of you is not the newest face of a Gap Kid’s campaign. Although he could be the face of Gap Kids, he’s in fact a multi-talented DJ and b-boy.

DJ Fulano is an 8-year-old disc jockey who spins on the 1s and 2s better than the average DJ. Noticed by iconic disc jockey DJ Cassidy, DJ Fulano has been wooing crowds and wowing anyone who thought an 8-year-old couldn’t be an amazing DJ. 

GlobalGrind caught up with DJ Fulano to chit-chat about his love for music, working with DJ Cassidy and of course, all the things he loves about school. 

Check out our exclusive interview below!

Global Grind: Can you tell me how you met DJ Cassidy?

DJ Fulano: [We met on Twitter when I was seven. I found him on and then found his website. I started tweeting him, sending him links to download my mixes and telling him that he was my idol. Cassidy finally downloaded one and was impressed.]

We met when I had a big shot birthday and a lot of famous DJs were coming and a lot of famous people came. I got to meet DJ MOS, I got to see a ton of people, and I got to see Legend Lee Quinones, the graffiti artist.

When I met [DJ Cassidy] he basically became my mentor since that day and then I made a record with him and he helped me DJ a gig. Then he sent my lawyer a business contract.

What’s the coolest thing about DJing with DJ Cassidy?

I get to make people happy with my music. It’s really fun to DJ for me, it’s not a boring job. If I had a boring job I would think ‘DJing stinks, I don’t want to do it anymore, it’s too boring.’

What is your favorite record to play?

I like playing Rick James.

What’s your favorite Rick James song?

“Give it To Me” And I like playing a lot of Run DMC.

Run DMC?

Yeah, and my mom told me I’m seeing Russell Simmons today. I heard that he’s the “Godfather of Hip-Hop.”

How did you start doing DJing?

I started DJing when I was six and my mom said ‘There’s this class that you get a scholarship for’ and I got a scholarship so they sent me an invitation to go there. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to DJ. At first I didn’t really get it, so my mom helped me come up with this name which was DJ Arson, it’s a secret between me and my dad.

That’s cool. Do you DJ on turntables?

Yes, I DJ on turntables. I have my own set at my house.

Do you have a Mac computer?


Do you DJ on there too or do you just do turn tables?

I do turntables, but my Mac has to connect to the DJ set.

Who are your favorite DJs?

I have at least three favorite DJs. I like Jam Master Jay and I like DJ Cassidy and I like my teacher DJ Reborn.

They are all wonderful DJs.

Oh, and I like my other teachers.

How many DJ teachers do you have?

I have a couple, maybe 7 or 8. My original DJ might have a class to do, so sometimes we have different teachers. We have different teachers for different parts of DJing, like production.

Do you want to be a DJ when you grow up or do you want to be something else when you grow up?

What I’ve been planning to have is a ton of jobs when I grow up. So I’m planning on maybe owning a restaurant, having a DJ job and being a famous B-boy. That’s all I want to do.

So you dance too?

Yeah because I’m a B-boy. I chose my B-Boy name too.

What’s your B-boy name?

Chilly B.

Chilly B, how did you come up with that name?

My dad told me that name for my lizard and an idea came in to my head so I was like “B-boy Chilly B.”

What’s your favorite subject in school?

I like reading and math. I don’t really like writing except if it’s non-fiction and I’m writing about something I really know, like snakes or something.

Snakes are scary!

Yeah, I’m getting a pet lizard.

Are you really?

Yes, not a chameleon. I’m getting a Bearded Dragon Lizard.

How big are those?

They come at least that big when they start off [opens hands far apart] but when you keep them for a couple of years you won’t believe what size they can get to. They can get to the size of the tank.

He’ll get that big? Won’t you be scared of him?

No. I’ll just pick him up and be like, ‘Whoa he’s really big.’ They say that you should pick up your Bearded Dragon a lot to get it used to being picked up.

I’m planning on getting a pet snake and I’m getting a canary too.

What kind of pet snake do you want?

I don’t really care what kind of snake I get. They’re really interesting to me so I don’t really care. But I don’t want a Checker Garter snake because one time I wanted to hold one, so the lady picked it up and then all of a sudden it escaped from her hands swift and fast. 

If you could be any superhero, what superhero would you want to be?

I wouldn’t know because superheroes are all pretty cool. But if I could be any superhero I wouldn’t really be sure what to be, so I would just pick randomly.

If you could have any super power, what super power would you want?

I would like to be able to climb up walls. I would like to be able to make illusions and stuff.

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