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A science experiment on the sci-fi show Mythbusters went horribly awry on Tuesday afternoon.

The show’s hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were testing a cannon in Dublin, California to see just how fast a cannonball could travel. Well, they definitely learned their lesson.

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The soaring cannonball went off course and flew into a nearby neighborhood and burst through the front door of a home, made its way up the stairs to the second floor, through a wall, and flew across the road into a yet another home, where it fell through the roof, according to CBS Los Angeles.

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The cannonball finally made its landing through the window of a parked minivan before coming to a stop.

The owner of the minivan said “It hit the dash, through the passenger window. I’m lucky I’m alive.”

Although there were also people in the homes, thankfully no one was injured in this freak accident.

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