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We’ve never really thought of Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer as two people we would put together in a movie!

Between Zac’s starring in the kid-friendly High School Musical movies and the classic romances such as One Fine Day that Michelle took our breath away in, these two seemed so far apart from each other!

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Michelle and Zac star in the new movie New Year’s Eve with a long list of other big stars, and they show off some great movie-making chemistry.

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We got to catch up with the two beautiful stars to chat about stories from on set, their character transformations, and their New Year’s resolutions.

Check out the interview below!

GlobalGrind: We really liked the dynamic that was going on between the two characters. It was pretty fantastic to watch you two play off of one another.

Michelle: Thank you, me too. It was so fun and Gary just let us go. We didn’t have any rehearsal and we didn’t even really talk about the characters. I think he was a little bit surprised, the first day of work he showed up and knocked on my trailer and, there’s Ingrid and his little face kind of fell (Laughs). I felt really bad.

Zac: And I realized that this girl goes really deep. She went deep.

So she took it. She went there.

Zac: She took it. She barely broke character.

Michelle: I should have warned him (Laughs).

Zac: I was like, “Hey Miche-…?’

Michelle: He goes, ‘Oh wow, you look really different.’  

It was an amazing transformation, both physically and the way that you portrayed the character.

Zac: She brought so much life to it.

Michelle: I loved these two people together. It was just unexpected and kind of sweet without being sappy and I liked it.

What did you think when you read the part?  

Zac: A lot of the story lines were very important themes. There was love and there were some more serious ones. De Niro’s story line was a bit darker. This was a chance for me to come in and just have fun. I think this guy was just kind of like, ‘Who is he?’ And then I saw an episode of Jersey Shore that night and I thought, that’s kind of like who this guy is.

We like that you admit to actually watching it.

Zac: Oh yeah.


So that was the source for your characters?

Zac: Yeah that was the source. Man, they just like to have fun. They’re fun loving. They like to go out and live life to the fullest. You only live once.

You shot in more locations in New York then anyone else involved in the movie.

Michelle: We were all over the place.

Zac: Yeah which made it really interesting because every day was a new set and somewhere really amazing.

Do you guys believe in making New Year’s resolutions?

Michelle: Yeah I guess. I believe in keeping them somewhat realistic though and simple. Mine tend to be the same every year because I tend to fall short every year.

Zac: I’m going to have to this year because we did this movie. So now it’s my responsibility.

Michelle: Maybe you don’t feel like there is anything that you need to change?

Zac: No there are some things that I should probably change. I definitely have one. I want to go traveling with my family this year.

With the end of the year theme going on, what’s a movie that you really loved and why?

Zac: Speaking of traveling, I just saw a movie called The Way. And I saw it with my dad. So it was a pretty powerful moment.  We had one or two of those awkward dad like moments. It was pretty powerful, I really liked it.

Michelle: Because it’s fresh in my mind, I just saw My Week with Marilyn and it was really lovely and she’s wonderful in it and unbelievably courageous to take on that part. And she pulls it off. I just loved the whole movie. I think she is going to get a lot of attention but it is just a great movie and the script is really good, it’s written beautifully and I loved it.