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GlobalGrind caught up with worshipped 14-year-old Australian pop singer Cody Simpson while he was in NYC this week celebrating the Toys ‘R Us release of his doppelganger doll. The fabulous Sharon Carpenter was at the center of it all as she sat down with the teen heartthrob, showing off the miniature plastic version of himself.

PHOTOS: Cody Simpson & Kylie Jenner Got Their Grove On!

Cody discussed his cougar crushes as well as that little rumor that’s been going around connecting him with the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Ms. Kylie Jenner.

Working his charm and that super cute accent, Cody didn’t hold back as Sharon grilled him with some tough questions. Could Kylie and Cody be the new Justin and Selena? It kind’ve has a nice ring to it.


Check it all out in the video above!