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Obama Cares About People, The Planet and Animals!

by Elaine Carter


I for one am tired of negative, nagging, naysayers (NNN) always rag’n on President Obama.  Obama has signed many very positive Bills into law to benefit people, animals and the planet.  These grand acts are underreported in mainstream media, but I’m gonna tell it!


President Obama recently signed The 9/11 Health and Compensation Act into law.  This Bill ensures that the people who were injured or made ill during the 9/11 attracts receive what they need to heal and be made whole again.  Why did Bush not sign such a law into action since the 9/11 incidents were under his eight year watch?  This Act to help people should have taken effect on 9/12/2001!


Did you know that your clothing could contain cat and dog fur? In Asian countries, cats and dogs are killed for their fur.  The fur is then sold to the fashion industry to incorporate into “faux fur.”  Most people are unaware that this was happening.  Now under the Truth in Fur Labeling Act, that Obama recently signed into law, manufactures must now disclose on a label that a garment contains dog, cat or other animal fur.  Since most people would be against our beloved cats and dogs being killed for their fur, not many people would buy garments with domestic animal fur in them.  This should have a ripple effect to shut down this deceptive fur industry.


Children helped the First Lady harvest vegetables from the White House garden.


President Obama is a very green president.  He and his family have planted an organic vegetable garden at the White House.   Also, the White House is soon to get new solar panels installed to supplement the buildings electricity.  This will help to reduce the CO2 emissions coming from the WH, and it is a great example for everyone to join in on the green revolution.  


So many habitats are taken over for human use that some anima

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