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By Jay Billion

Ever find yourself asking WTF happened to ‘Good Music’? I mean really where is it hiding? Personally I was so fed up that I gave up watching the video shows and listening to the radio station’s repetitive loops in exchange for 24/7 iPod playlists. Realizing that this wasn’t a permanent solution I decided to go online, as well as to small venues, networks and wherever else necessary to find the quality music that has been missing in my life.  As I sit and listen to David Bowie’s “The Single Collection” CD, I hear songs like Let’s Dance, Fame and Modern Love playing and it makes me think about what really makes ‘Good Music’ – good. No I am not referencing the label that Kanye put together. I am thinking about the craftsmanship that once graced music which is harder to find now more than ever before. But fear not, (cue the dramatic horns found in Roman speeches delivered by Caesar) – together we will seek out good music wherever it is being hidden, ignored or forgotten, and bring it out for the world to embrace again. Makers of Good Music once brought you albums like Thriller, Purple Rain, Ten Summoners Tale, My Life, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die, Back To Black, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and so many more. People say those days of Good Music are gone. I refuse to believe that. So join me weekly as we seek out the current and future classics.

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