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Oh Kobe, when will you learn? Please excuse the NBA player if his game is a little off this season, he has a lot on his plate. 

PHOTOS: Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Bryant Together After Divorce Proceedings!

Yesterday the news hit the web that Kobe and his wife of 10 and a half years had filed for divorce stating irreconcilable difference. Vanessa Bryant was no stranger to the allegations that her baller husband was cheating with other women, but sources claim the straw that broke the Laker’s marriage was his affair with Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga.

NO Preup! No House! Kobe Bryant Moves Out After Wife Files For Divorce!

According to sources, Kobe was also breaking the model off with some serious bank. Vanessa was not having Kobe playing daddy to any other girls but his own.

Jessica took to Twitter to deny the alligations, and claims that she never met Kobe:

“People can actually make up stories online about you and people you don’t even know … Great. My relationships and people I’ve REALLY dated have never hit the Internet, but things that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth and lies do.”

Kobe has admitted in the past to being unfaithful to his wife, but this takes adultery to a whole new level. The allegations have not been confirmed, but in the mean time it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the gorgeous Playboy model in the NSFW gallery above.