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Taylor Swift’s NaturalLuxe Mousse Mascara CoverGirl ad is the latest print ad to be banned! Not because of any kind of sexual or violent innuendo, but for excessive photoshopping.

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Taylor’s appearance was altered due to post-production enhancement and not the work of the beauty product itself. Procter&Gamble has agreed to discontinue the advertisement, after complaints from the National Advertising Division (NAD) a watch dog agency.

Reports GossipCop:

“The NAD, which serves as the advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, asked P&G to substantiate “superior performance claims” about the mascara, including boasts that it creates “2X more volume” and is “20% lighter” than competing brands.

P&G pulled the ads when it received the inquiry. We think Taylor is so gorg she barely needs any photoshop, as it turns out, she doesn’t!

SOURCE: GossipCop