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Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton is suing Warner Bros. because of an allegedly fake LV purse carried by one of the film’s characters.

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LV filed papers in NYC over the weekend and are demanding a share of the films profits.

Reports the Times Of India via Hollywood Reporter:

Executives of the French brand have filed a lawsuit against the movie bosses claiming that a handbag seen onscreen in the hands of Galifianakis is a Louis Vuitton fake.

According to the legal papers, filed at a federal court in New York, the fashion house bosses are unhappy with a scene in which the actor carries a bag with a LVM logo and says, ” Careful, that is a Louis Vuitton,” the Daily Express reported.

They claim the bag is not a real Louis Vuitton and could cause confusion among consumers.

Good luck with that one, LV!

We don’t know how many people saw the Hangover 2, a sequel with the same premise as its original, so the profits received might be enough for a fake LV bag!

SOURCE: Times Of India