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Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture alumnus and MFA Columbia University graduate Derrick Adams solo show at Jack Tilton Gallery is something we’re looking forward to seeing in 2012!

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Fortunately 2012 begins next week, as does Adams’ solo show, titled “Deconstruction Worker.”

From the show’s press release: 

In this current body of mixed media sculpture and works on paper, Adams uses ink, pencil, paint, crayon, printed shelf-liner and other faux surfaces to create minimal geometric constructions of angular human figures that seemingly live both in a state of deconstruction at the same time as if in the process of being built.

The show is a study of architecture and the human figure and is, essentially, a compression of the two: floor plans, elevation sections and visual renderings investigate the physical construction of the human figure. See above.  

The only image we have from the show is the invitation and judging from that image alone, we expect to see a great show and body of work.

Adams is a multidisciplinary New York-based artist whose practice is rooted in Deconstructivist philosophies and the perception of ideals attached to objects, colors, textures, symbols and ideologies – and how they are formed.

His work focuses on the fragmentation and manipulation of structure and surface while exploring the shape-shifting force of popular culture in our lives.

Tilton Gallery 
8 East 76th Street
New York NY 10021