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Adorable duo Karmin began as YouTube sensations, but in a few short months they’ve become overnight celebrities! 

Karmin caught the attention of millions when they covered Chris Brown’s hit song “Look At Me Now.” Since then, it’s been a whirlwind for the singing couple.

GlobalGrind caught up with Karmin to find out what kind of feedback they’ve received from their favorite celebrities, especially their favorite hip-hop artists.

Check out our exclusive interview below! 

Amy you seriously killed Busta’s verse on “Look At Me Now.” You make it look so easy, was it hard for you?

Amy: Well, thank you. That’s good. I tricked you all. I wish we would’ve had a video camera set up those two days. It took me two days to learn it, basically. Our manager called and he was like ‘You should do this new song “Look at Me Now.” Chris Brown just put the album out. It’s a hot song.’ We heard it and heard the fast rapping and thought ‘Whoa, this is nuts.’

Nick: It was 6 or 7 months previous to Lil Wayne…

Amy: But unfortunately every other word was a curse word. So how do we do that? Because we don’t do that. We have fans that are 3 years old, so the first day was just put it in a word document, cut out all the curse words. We figured out, instead of pussy juicy, fruit is juicy, take the n word out, put a j in there and hope that people like it. That was challenging part and then after, I was just so determined to get it because every time I would think ‘Oh this is not possible’ I was like, ‘OK let me just do it.’

Nick: I heard her do it and I was like holy sh*t. She started the Busta verse and I thought, damn girl. We had to do it. We were expecting a lot of heat.

No heat at all. Everyone loved it!

Amy: When we woke up and it was on WorldStarHipHop, I thought, ‘This is going to be bad.’

Nick: The whitest of white people in the world. I’m from Northern Maine. I’m Irish, I do not tan. It was funny, most of my white friends from Maine were one of the first people to tell me: ‘Yo man, I saw you on World Star this morning.’

Have any celebrities reached out or said anything to you?

Amy: Yes ma’am.

Nick: At The BET Awards literally every other person was like, holy sh*t! We were walking down the hall and we heard “Karmin” and we turn around and it was Trey Songz. He just got off stage, he didn’t have his shirt on yet, I was like “Amy close your eyes.” He came up and he said, ‘It’s really you guys’ and we’re like ‘Hi Trey Songz.’

Amy: It’s surreal, but we have to give first credit to Jermaine Dupri. He called my cell phone the first day it was up. He found the video when it had 100,000 views. He said ‘I’ve never been more excited about anything!’

I can’t even list them all. I was texting Lindsay Lohan yesterday and rapper The Game. He’s like ‘I’m at my son’s soccer game right now,’ I’m like you have tattoos on your face (Laughs).

Nick: It’s been a lot of different groups of people and they’ve all been encouraging and we got to talk to Chris and Busta, but we haven’t talked to Wayne yet.

Who else have you two met?

Amy: I think the other big one we wanted to meet was Kanye and we got to meet Kanye.

How was meeting Kanye?

Amy: We spent two hours with the guy.

People have this perception of Kanye that he’s a douchebag, but when you meet him he’s the sweetest guy! 

Nick: He was shy. We were like, ‘Your album made us do this sh*t.’

Amy: His Dark Fantasy album was the reason we thought, ‘Let’s just do it. We don’t have anything to lose.’ His music was so exciting and we told him that.

Nick: Yeah he genuinely said, ‘Thank you.’

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