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It’s a New Year and the perfect time for new artists to create their buzz. 

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GlobalGrind sat down and created a list of our 12 personal favorite artists who will more than likely blow up in 2012.

Sinfully seductive artists like Lana Del Rey and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea have already caught many peoples attention with their modelesque good looks, but it’s their music that has everyone nodding in approval. 

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky is a pretty motherf*cker who’s single-handedly on a mission to make New York rappers cool again. With pesos in hand and a crazy purple swag, A$AP Rocky is the martyr of a movement rap’s never seen before. 

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Then there are artists like R&B singer The Weeknd, “Rookie of The Year” Frank Ocean and Bon Iver who are all coming to save the day and create new sounds in their respective genres.

There were so many artists who we brought to the table, but only 12 lucky newcomers made the cut.

Check out the 12 artists we chose as our 2012 music eye candy in the gallery above!