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Rap beef has become lame. However, rock beef is still actually pretty entertaining and funny. 

Example: the little spat that’s going on between Nickelback and The Black Keys

MUSIC: The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

It all started when two days ago, Rolling Stone posted an excerpt from their latest cover story, which is a piece about The Black Keys. 

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In the excerpt, the band’s drummer Patrick Carney let this little nugget of ether loose:

“Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world.
So they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be sh*t – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world.
F*ck that! Rock & roll is the music I feel the most passionately about, and I don’t like to see it f*cking ruined and spoon-fed down our throats in this watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous sh*t. When people start lumping us into that kind of shit, it’s like, ‘F*ck you,’ honestly.” 

Those are the kind of words that make a Canadian rock band’s soul burn.

Of course, a quote like this, in one of the most famous music publications in the world, can only stay quiet for so long. 
Nickelback got a hold of what Carney said, and someone from their band Tweeted out this passive-aggressive response:

Patrick, who also has a Twitter, retweeted what Nickelback said and then retweeted something that the writer of the piece, Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt, Tweeted:

Who would have thought that the first major music beef of 2012 would involve The Black Keys and damn Nickelback?

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