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Add producer and actor Nick Cannon to the canon of celebs launching headphones!

At Monster’s press conference this morning at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Monster CEO Noel Lee announced the company’s partnership with the entrepreneur.

The headphones will retail between $70 and $130. Some of Nick’s headphones are available now via Monster’s N-Credible line.

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Via a press release:

First products in the NCredible line, include four ahead-of-the-curve carry solutions, the ATTAIN Backpack (SRP: $69.95), DRIVE Bookbag (SRP: $59.95), as well as two smaller “messenger” type carry bags, PREVAIL (SRP: $49.95) and EQUIP (SRP: $24.95), all scheduled for availability in June of 2012.   

 Also being showcased at CES are the new NTune On-Ear Headphones (SRP: $129.95) and the Nergy In-Ear Headphones (SRP: $69.95), both available now.”

Music has a very important place in the lives of young people,” Cannon said via a statement. “How they listen, how they share and how they express their passion for music are all things that empower them to grow and learn. That’s why I am so thrilled to be partnering with a company like Monster, which has such a strong commitment to great sound and to providing the very best music listening experiences possible.”