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The lovely AnnaLynne McCord seemed to get herself into a little bit of controversy yesterday as she accidentally sent out a nude photo of herself to a fan via Twitter.

In wake of the controversy, we caught up with AnnaLynne to see what she had to say about all the buzz and you may be surprised by her response.

“My only response to all these lovely people is, ‘He who be without sin cast the first stone.’ If you have never messed up or done anything wrong in your life, then please, feel free to judge me.” 

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AnnaLynne quickly let us know she has more to focus on right now than just nude twitpics.

“I’m heading to Sundance next week for the first time. So excited, I have a movie opening there this year…The film is pretty cool,  the director, although he hates when I say this, did not want to meet me, initially. He didn’t think someone ‘like me’ (my image thus far) could play this character and have the targeted audience relate to me. But in the end he said I was, ‘The best mistake he ever made.'” 

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On the director of the film she says:

He’s one to watch, Ricky Bates, Jr. He’s 27 in March, just a few years out of film school at NYU’s Tisch. He’s eccentric and anal-retentive but it makes him phenomenal at what he does. This is his first film and it’s world premiering at Sundance. I think that says it all.” 

Although that image we saw last night may stick with us for awhile (not that that’s a bad thing) AnnaLynne is taking it like a true professional.

As she so humbly put, “I’m a human being and we make mistakes.”