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Young people, in 2008, came out in record numbers to vote for Barack Obama. Imagine if we did the same thing during the midterm election. How different would this country look if we were to put forth that same effort for those candidates that represent our communities and districts? It’s important as young people that we know whose running, where they’re running and who they’re running against. So for the next coming weeks Global Grind Politics will show you WHO’S ON DECK in November, why you should support them and how you can make real change in your community by voting for this candidate.

Rory Reid, 47, is running for Governor of Nevada, a graduate of Brigham Young University with dual degrees in international relations and Spanish, while continuing his studies in law school. Rory grew up in Nevada and attended public schools which instilled in him the importance of education. Rory’s “ethical to a fault” attitude rings true when you examine his record, Rory’s success in the court room and business world is evident in the way he ran his government. Rory provided community, social, and business services to more than 2 million residents of Nevada. 


So why are we putting our support behind Rory? Simple, his approach to reform our education system will be focused on putting the students first and put the accountability on the schools, putting the Responsibility and Accountability on the state. Rory’s plan for education reform will change the landscape of the school system in Nevada. The EDGE plan, will make Nevada the first state in the nation to implement comprehensive reform of every school, for every child. Education is the key, we’ve all heard that before but now Rory is trying to achieve this for his state. 

Rory is trying to head his state in a progressive direction and is willing and wanting a difference, Rory isn’t going to bend to any special interest, Rory is the man for Nevada. To learn more about Rory, check him out at

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