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They say that no idea is original, but when it comes to recreating an iconic album cover it’s safe to say that reimagining the Beatles Abbey Road is the most unoriginal of them all. 

We’ve seen it replicated by everyone from tourists visiting the English road, to the cast of Sesame Street doing their own version on the 1995 Sesame Road album.

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The seemingly basic album cover features all four members of the Beatles walking across Abbey Road in London, England.  Some have said the record was the Beatles best and although the photographer, Iain Macmillan, only had 10 minutes to shoot, it has become one of the most iconic album covers of all time.

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Most recently, the Japanese branch of Universal Studios had the Peanuts characters drawn on one of the crosswalks on the back lot of their studio. The artist made it a prospective piece so you have to stand in a certain area to appreciate it – otherwise the proportions are all wrong.

You can check out some of the coolest parodies of the Beatles Abbey Road cover in the gallery above!


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