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I didn’t realize how fast drama could occur in a reality shore, but last night’s, September 9, episode 7 of the Jersey Shore showed it could happen with in the first few minutes of the show!

The cast started the episode off after getting back from the club, when they show JenniJwowwFarley on the phone explaining what everyone in the house was doing. After her phone call roommate Vinny Guadagnino runs to tell her that their roommate Angelina Pivarnick was talking about her behind her back.

Jwoww of course decides to confront Angelia and when she does Sammi ‘Sweatheart’ Giancola puts in her two cents, ‘Vinny why would you try and start trouble?’ And then follows with, ‘don’t yell at me honey, don’t!’

Sammi is mad at Jenni all because of the letter that tells Sammi all about what her boyfriend and roommate Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was doing behind her back. Sammi and Jwoww get into each others faces and then its everyone’s favorite: a cat fight, full of hair pulling, nails breaking, earrings flying fun!

After everyone broke up Sammi and Jwoww’s fight, Ronnie and Vinny start to fight and NicoleSnookiPolizzi comes out of right field and starts arguing with Ronnie too!

And that was all before the first commercial break! Keep clicking to hear about the other WTF moments from the latest Jersey Shore episode!


The next morning, Jwoww wakes up and is supposed to go to work with Ronnie and Sammi which is the last thing she wants to do so she calls out of work because she has to get her nails done, she broke two in her fight the night before.

Sammi says that this is the, ‘Best accomplishment I’ve had in a long time, to kick the sh*t out of Jenni.

There is a lot I could say about that statement right now, but I’m just going to say this, when did Sammi grow balls? Any way I digress.

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