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Rapper and entrepreneur Ludacris wants you to keep the party moving, as he introduced a new line of music docking station at CES in Las Vegas under his SOUL brand.

Called Party In A Box, yes that’s the dock’s real name, the portable device comfortably fits an iPad and can wirelessly receive and transmit music from almost any music device, including phones, tablets and MP3 players in or outdoors.

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Most of the streaming will be done by Bluetooth since Party In A Box is primarily an Airplay branded docking and music system.

Party In A Box comes with HDMI, which you can hook up to you TV or projector, has two 6.5 inch subwoofers, a balanced MIC channel and runs on rechargeable batteries. There’s even built-in mood lighting!  No word on pricing or availability.

Ludacris speaking at the SOUL Electronics Booth at CES.

SOURCE: SOUL Electronics 

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