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There are only a few hours to go before CES 2012 calls it quits!

Before that happens we wanted to take a look at some of the best booths at the convention, which happened to be most attended CES ever. 

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Money and space are the key ingredients here: the more money you have (Samsung, Verizon, Sony, Dolby Microsoft, Monster, Panasonic) the more options you have in playing with, and designing, your space for your products.

How you arrange these products within these spaces will no doubt attract attendees. If you have very little space and some money to play around with, the best thing to do is park a Lamborghini under an inflatable awning in a parking lot. (Nvidia).

In our opinion, the most impressive booths at CES belonged to Panasonic and Toshiba who dominated the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center with their massive displays of TVs and gadgets. Samsung played with cubes, while Panasonic played with curves.

Check out what we mean in the gallery!

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