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Welcome to Tuesdays at the Cool Table with me, Cool Table Jay! 

Today, I’ve got a bunch of things that I came across this week that I am absolutely in love with. A lot of it is way out of my price range, but I can dream can’t I? And even if I can’t, I’m pretty good at saving up… 

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One of the simpler things that I saw this week was the CLOT x Nike collaborative Tennis Classic Suede sneaker.  It’s a basic grey and red colorway, but as I have stated in past CTT, I am moving away from technical sneakers and getting more into the simpler variety. 

The CLOT x Nike collaboration is right up my alley with the simple silhouette, however the suede on the sneaker is a bit kicked up and I like the ruggedness of it – even if the color won’t actually allow me to be too rugged. 

LIST: Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 5)

My second favorite thing in today’s installment has to be the Chanel tennis racket set. I don’t even play tennis, but I can’t deny how much I’d like this racket to just mount on my wall and make an attempt at calling it art. 

I swear if I find out that the set cost anything under $500, it will be on my wall by the end of the season! 

There is something about Chanel that always feels classic.

Check out all of the things I thought were cool enough to be at the Cool Table in the gallery above. Enjoy!