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The second wave of Armani ads featuring Rihanna have hit the web and we’re loving what we see! 

VIDEO: Watch Rihanna Ooze Sexy For Armani!

The last time we saw Rihanna for Armani, the tobacco smoking Bajan was deep underground in a garage changing clothes in a back seat of a car.

This time around, RiRi is photographed indoors in lingerie, jeans, short shorts, a knotted t-shirt and a denim jacket, posing seductively in bed and on a patchwork leather couch. Gone is the bleach blond from Armani ads of 2011. 

Overall the photographs, shot by Mert & Marcus in Dublin, are very wholesome, a departure from what we’re used to seeing of the sexed up superstar.

Rihanna looks like the girl next door you want to get with but who has a man stationed somewhere – hence the photographs!