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Chelsea Handler stopped by The Howard Stern Show recently and spilled what really happened during her fling with 50 Cent.

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The Chelsea Lately talk show host spilled the beans, while also mentioning Ciara helped lead to their downfall.

The author, sitcom creator and comedienne verified that she “dated” the Queens-native rapper for a few months. He used to travel to many of her shows all around the country.

It was even set that 50 was to join her and her family on a vacation get-away in Anguilla. Needless to say, the crap hit the fan when Ciara got booked on her talk show. 

Chelsea said Curtis called her and threw his ex-lass Ciara under the bus, claiming that Ciara was still in love with him and persisted with calling and leaving messages.

He claims to have told Ciara it may be awkward to have her on the show. While 50 Cent attempted to put Chelsea in a three-way call, she abruptly stopped him.

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Unarguably, Chelsea stated that she “worked too hard” to play kiddy games and in her own words, attached an insult to him that implied his being from the streets. She added that he didn’t deserve to even talk to someone like her, hung up in his face and she hasn’t looked back since.

And before we jump the bandwagon and play the race card – Chelsea states she never used the N-word.  

On the upside, she left The Howard Stern Show with a final compliment to 50 Cent:

“He’s kinda smart… in a certain kind of way”

In a certain kind of way … what the heck does she mean by that? Was that a sexual innuendo? 

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