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Where has the time gone?

DETAILS: Is Jay-Z Biggin’ Up Biggie With Baby B.I.C.?

March 9, 2012 marks the 15th anniversary since the late great Notorious B.I.G. was murdered and thankfully, XXL has dedicated their March issue in his honor. 

XXL Reports:

Similar to the honorary issue dedicated to Tupac Shakur and the 15th anniversary of his passing, released by XXL in September of 2011, the XXL team spoke to some of those closest to Big for an in-depth look into his life and death.

From his kids T’Yanna and Christopher “CJ” Wallace and their mamas, Jan Jackson and Faith Evans, to his closest friends like members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. and others, many got their chance to share stories and more to pay homage to the beloved MC.

Most even disclosed rare, never-before-published photos of Biggie from their personal collections, which are featured in this month’s issue.

Since Big was one of the most swagger-jacked rappers of all time, there’s a list of the 100 best Biggie bites, a look a what The Notorious One might have looked like at 40-plus, and much more.

MUSIC: Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Carter “Glory”

Definitely doesn’t seem like it’s been 15 years, but we’re glad Big is still receiving his well-earned respect.

Check out XXL’s site to get the whole inside scoop as to what else they have in store. 

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