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What in the hell!? 

This sh*t has gone too far! Complex spotted the genius who thought it would be funny to get a tattoo of the girl who got “Drake” tattooed on her forehead. 

VIDEO: Drake Angry Over Fan Forehead Tattoo!

Clearly, the content of people’s tattoos don’t really matter anymore, because people get the stupidest things tatted on their bodies for good laughs.

Well, we’re laughing all right, at how stupid this tattoo is, but whatever – to each his own.  

In case you needed a reminder, the girl pictured below, made news headlines when she tatted “Drake” on her forehead. 

GlobalGrind reported yesterday that Drake and the tattoo artist finally squashed their squabble over the forehead tattoo. 

BEEF BURIED: Drake & Tattoo Artist’s Beef Is Officially History!

Don’t really know what Drake’s going to say when he gets wind of the most recent tattoo foolery, but he probably won’t be coming at the tattoo artist this time. 

This has definitely gone too far! What do you all think of the tattoo of the girl with the Drake tattoo? Silly? Stupid? Cool? 

Let us know in the comment box below!

SOURCE: Complex

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