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Whoa! We almost had to do a double take at these photos of rapper Da Brat looking like a whole new person.

Lisa Raye’s little sister Da Brat, who is infamous for rocking baggy jeans in her tomboy trends got a truly glamorous makeover to hit the red carpet for Fashion Delivers: The Pre-Show in New York City last night.

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Da Brat took a page out of Kanye’s book and rocked a more traditional Kilt (hey, it isn’t like it’s a dress or anything) with a tight black tank, combat boots and a leather jacket.

The real game stopper may have been the change in Da Brat’s hair. The former tom boy loosened out her braids for a copper toned straight cut with bangs.

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Judging by her facial expressions, she didn’t look all too thrilled to be wearing a skirt but maybe comfort will come in phase two of the makeover.

We think she looks great!