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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas … but will that be the case if Jersey Shore heads out that way?

Juicehead Ronnie recently spoke with HuffPost Celebrity about the future of the hit MTV reality show. 

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“I believe that they [producers] were looking at Vegas and Australia, two places I would love to go,” said Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. 

Pause … we’re not so sure the world would be ready for the Shore in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Ronnie went on to explain that MTV wanted to take the show to Brazil, but didn’t think it was the safest environment for the cast. 

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Ron Ron wants to continue doing the show as long as fans are willing to watch. He’ll even do it “in Depends and a walker.” So what does this mean for the tanning-crazed squad? 

Ronnie states:

“I don’t know if we would make it back from Vegas… but I’m pretty sure we would love to go to Vegas.”

Of course you all would Ronnie! While the crew and producers whip up something new, the rest of us will just have to anticipate what’s in store.