Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has been the most consistent among his adversaries in challenging America’s foreign policy.

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Most of the Republican candidates for President recognize that Americans are concerned with jobs and the economy and have thus made those their main focus. For Ron Paul, that may not be the case.

Paul has emphasized America’s foreign policy and our role in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

In his speech to Minnesotans last night, Ron Paul spoke on his campaign’s focus on foreign policy saying:

“Every once in a while people tell me ‘Ron you can do a lot better if you just change your tune on this foreign policy stuff’ But guess what, it’s the foreign policy that has built our campaign!”

This is one fact Ron Paul may be right about and it’s that his campaign has built itself up on the basis of foreign policy.

GlobalGrind put together a list of foreign policy quotes Ron Paul made throughout the primary. Check ’em out! 

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