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Megan Fox has been working with Giorgio Armani for two years now, but her latest campaign for the line’s beauty products has really turned our heads. 

In the new ads, Megan is a far cry from the tanned beauty we’re used to, instead she’s seen with ebony hair, blood red lips and a pale complexion. Her look is almost gothic and very reminiscent of the Evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White & The 7 Dwarves.

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Snow White has been popular lately with different adaptations of the story being released relatively close together. 

Movies like Mirror, Mirror, releasing on March 30th, stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Snow White & the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron as her own beautiful Evil Queen. 

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Maybe that explains the way this ad campaign was styled, or maybe the good folks over at Armani just thought that Megan was due for a change from her regular look. Although we do find it very coincidental that the eyeliner is called Eyes To Kill; it’s definitely a product fit for an Evil Queen.

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