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The Grammy Awards are one of the most important award shows for a musician. Getting a grammy is considered the highest honor for any artist. The Grammy Awards are held annually, and with so much emphasis put on this show, there’s usually great moments that come out of the ceremony. Check out seven memorable Grammy Awards moments, we’ll never forget!

Eminem & Elton John’s ‘Stan’ Performance

‘This was a good look for Eminem. He was receiving a lot of backlash regarding his music, as it had a negative message torwards the gay community. Instead of making statements or responding to the backlash, he collaborated with Elton John for a great performance of his record ‘Stan.’

Evanescance’s Acceptance Speech Interrupted By 50 Cent

‘This was Evanescence’s first time winning a Grammy, and probably not the first time 50 Cent didn’t win an award. After losing the award to this rock group, 50 hopped out of his seat, and stormed on the stage, walking past the group. The group kept it classy, thanking 50 sarcastically.’

ODB At The Grammys

‘Puffy is good, but Wu Tang is the best!’ Enough said!

Michael Jackson’s ‘Grammy Legend’ Award Acceptance Speech