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We really don’t say this as often as we should around here, but thank God for the Internet. Because without the World Wide Web, we probably wouldn’t have seen this super dope eight-minute jam session between the legendary Roots crew and Bon Iver’s lead singer, Justin Vernon

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Apparently, the jam session happened sometime over the last two weeks when Justin was in New York City (Bon Iver performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend.)

We’re not sure how the whole jam session went down, but we think it went something like this: Justin was wandering the NBC headquarters. He bumped into The Root’s star drummer, Questlove, in the hallway. After exchanging some quick, short pleasantries, Questlove just yelled out: “Hey, do you want to do a epic rendition of ‘Perth,’ the opening track off of your band’s self-titled sophomore album?”

Justin looked at him, shrugged his shoulders and said “sure.”

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And, boom, there ya go. 

All kidding aside, It’s a pretty cool performance, and we’re just glad that the Roots’ boss, Jimmy Fallon, made the footage available on his show’s site. 

Check out the jam session up above, and don’t forget to watch the Grammys this weekend where Bon Iver is up for four Grammy nominations: Best New Artist, Best Alternative Music Album, Best Song of the Year and Record of the Year.


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