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Bar Refaeli‘s is making her way from model to designer.

The 26-year-old Israeli born supermodel has created a new lingerie line, Under.Me, and is showing off her skills in front of the camera as well as behind.

DETAILS: Bar Refaeli Launches Lingerie Line

The line has yet to launch, but we are expecting great things because who knows more about the importance of an exceptional fit of under garments than a woman who changes clothes for a living.

We caught up with Bar to discuss her new line, and ask her some other burning questions we’re dying to know the answers to.

Check out our exclusive below!

1. How did your underwear line come about?

I wanted to make my own line for quit some time now. A friend of mine, Dudi came to me with this idea- to make an ecommerce website for basic underwear.. Since it was what I wanted to do anyhow, and he even upgraded the idea, we partnered and created Under.Me 

2. What has been your favorite part of the design process?

My least favorite one is choosing the grey. Its amazing how many shades of grey there are! It can make you crazy.. But my favorite is to see it all come together. Get a sample of a tshirt and make little changes…. Longer, shorter.. Tighter… And then see the result, the final product! That’s a great feeling of achievement.

3. Is there a lingerie designer you look up to for inspiration?

Part of the reason I wanted to make an underwear line is because I would go buy underwear one place, bras at another.. Leggings etc.. And I felt the need to have one place where I could go in and by alll my basics! 

4. One beauty secret all women should know?

Confidence is the most beautiful, attractive thing in the world. You can look like a million dollars, have the best style but no attitude, no self confidence, and it will ruin everything. And on the other end, you can wear sweatpants and no make up but be so happy with yourself, and that’s to me is the secret of beauty! 

5. Best looking man in underwear?

I can never forget Freddie Lumbergs CK underwear ads! 

6. A celeb who’s wardrobe you envy?

I can’t say I’m envy at her clothes but I love how Cameron Diaz always wear simple basics and she looks cheecky and sexy. 

7. Besides your new line, what other ambitions do you have outside of modeling?

I am a simple girl, all I want is to have a family and raise children. 

8. Your go-to designer?

I never leave Stella Mccartney’s store empty handed. 

9. Most memorable moment of your career?

The cover of SI 2009. Coming from Israel, such a small country, always dreaming about being in the issue- being on the cover of the issue, was unreal. I felt like I made a childhood dream come true.. And than some.

10. Valentine’s Day: 3 things a girl can do to make their Valentine’s Day memorable?

 I’m not the most romantic girl you would meet 🙂 So… For me it’s not important for it to be memorable.

I like the little gestures and surprised between a couple. The ones that will make u smile and excited for that moment. Not necessarily for life.