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As we figured, someone wouldn’t like Chris Brown’s presence at the 54th Annual Grammys. 

VIDEO: Chris Brown “Turns Up The Music” At The Grammys

And that someone is country singer Miranda Lambert. The blond country starlet obviously didn’t like the fact The Academy let Chris Brown not only perform once, but twice, so she took to Twitter to air out her true feelings. 

While ranting about Chris Brown’s performance, Miranda also brought up his domestic violence incident with now ex-girlfriend Rihanna saying “he beat on a girl…not cool that we act like that didn’t happen.” 

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Miranda also managed to throw a feel jabs at Pink Friday rapper Nicki Minaj by tweeting:

“How dang long did they give Nicki Minaj to do whatever that was? Strange.”

Miranda then went on to praise Bruno Mars, Adele, and Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston tribute.

Yes, Miranda is completely entitled to her opinion, but she seemed to have her country panties in a big bunch for some reason. Hmmmm!?

Welp, you can’t please everyone. 

Chris Brown returned to this year’s Grammys after a three year hiatus, stemming from his domestic violence incident, and he went on to win a Grammy for “Best R&B Album,” so congrats to him. 

As for Miranda, how do you feel about her Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj tweets? 

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