Ladies and gentlemen, Viola Davis has arrived.

The multiple award-winning actress took some time off of sweeping award shows internationally to check out futuristic designs of Vera Wang during New York Fashion Week.

Viola’s presence at the show announced one thing, but her seating admits Vogue magazine royalty announced her acceptance as a fashion icon.

Viola and her husband were seated in the fashion heavy hitter pit next to Anna Wintour, André Leon Talley and professional tennis player Maria Sharapova.

As for the fashions of Vera Wang, the A-listers were seeing an array of neutrals mixed in with fall and winter favorites such as gray and black.

We suspect Viola is marking her Vogue editorial territory at this show, and maybe even scoping out the dress she is going to wear to the Oscars.

Check out the gallery above and decide for yourself, we must say she looks extremely comfortable with the Vogue heavy hitters, maybe the cover has already been shot?

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