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Khloe is determined to keep her “Lam-Lam’s” eyes on her goodies only.

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Everyone’s favorite reality couple seems to be facing a bit of martial woes concerning their sex life. In the new season their hit E! reality show, Khloe transforms her and her hubby Lamar’s bedroom into the ultimate sex chamber.

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The freaks come out at night! Khloe and Lamar definitely know how to keep it hot.

Khloe decides to take matters into her own hands by attempting to set up a sex swing for her and Lamar to spice up their sex life.

The move comes after Dallas Mavericks player Lamar Odom reportedly turned down Khloe’s sexual advances because he was little preoccupied with the NBA Lockout.

This of course did not sit well with Khloe who said:

“I’m confused because Lamar never turns me down when I want to have sex.”

A new hurdle for the two lovebirds who are known for their active and healthy sex life!

But Lamar reassures Khloe that their bond goes deeper than sex and his love for her is unconditional. 

“With Khloe, it goes beyond lovemaking.” He tells her, “[Our relationship is about] being friends, having compatibility and being there for each other.”

How sweet! We love how Khloe will do anything to keep her Lam-Lam and vice versa. This is one couple that sure knows how to keep things fresh, maybe we should all take notes.